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“She loves going! She gets to try new things, meet new kids and learn about life outside of her normal routine. It is a great experience for her, and I love that she gets to stay active over the summer.”

“At camp Eric is able to learn and grow along with interact with a wide diverse group of children and to become self-confident.”

outdoor education

After their Outdoor Education experience at YMCA Camp Potawotami, students have a better appreciation for the natural world, new outdoor skills, enhanced group relationship skills and stronger personal ties with classmates and teachers.

Let our staff lead lessons for students of all ages and abilities. We offer hands on classes that tie in directly with classroom lessons, develop teamwork skills and build self-esteem.

Program Goals:

  • Provide a hands-on, safe and fun educational experience in a unique environment.
  • Strengthen the relationship between students and between teachers and students.
  • Teach lessons that enhance the Indiana State Standards.
  • Promote within students a greater sense of independence and respect.
  • Enable and encourage students to understand and experience the relationships between themselves and the natural environment.

Reserve your date today! Call us at (260) 351-2525 for a personal discussion on how to tailor this exciting program for your classroom or group.

  • Spiderweb Ropes!

    You can't help but make new friends at camp!

  • making new friends at camp

    You can't help but make new friends at camp!

  • a great fall harvest at camp

    A bountiful harvest for all.

  • taking a break on the trail

    There truly is nothing like the great outdoors!

  • fishing for minnows

    Shhhhhhh... be verrrrrrry still.

  • another happy camper

    Another happy camper!

  • searching for bugs

    Bugs anyone?