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“When we picked her up, she was glowing with enthusiasm and excitedly told us about her week. Thus, her confidence has improved. She felt sad she was leaving her friends on the last day. She also sang songs from camp at home to relive the experience.”

“All the counselors were friendly and encouraging, and did a great job encouraging my sons to have fun, learn new activities.”


Ranch Camp (Ages 10-15)

2022 Ranch Camp Program Rate: $898

Does your camper love horses? Our one-of-a-kind Ranch Camp teaches campers how to care for the horses as if they were their own!

Ranch Campers learn grooming, feeding, tacking and overall horse care, plus a daily riding lesson or trail rides with a YMCA Camp Potawotami certified instructor.

Ranch Campers also get to share in the fun of cabin group activities and all-camp evening programs.

Potawotami Einsteins (Ages 10-14)

2022 Program Rate: $821

Camp Session Date: June 26-July 1

Slime, explosions, chemistry and robots! Campers will work on experiential projects that encourage learning and exploration. They will be amazed at what they can create! Campers will work in groups on experiential projects that encourage learning and exploration. The summer fun will continue the remainder of the day while campers still participate in cabin activities, recreational swimming, evening programs, and traditional camp activities.


Theme Camp 2022:

Harry Potter Camp (Ages 10-14)

2022 Program Rate: $821

Available: June 12-17, July 24-29

Prepare yourself for spells, enchantments, potions, and friendship at Camp Potawotami’s session for future students of Hogwarts! Harry Potter campers have themed-programming in the morning where they will attend wizarding classes and spend time with their housemates. In the afternoon, they participate in water choice time, cabin activities, and all-camp evening programs.

Fishing & Target Sports (Ages 10-14)

2022 Program Rate: $821

Camp Session Date: July 10-15

This is a great specialty camp for all campers who love the great outdoors, hunting, and fishing. Campers in this specialty will spend 2 hours a day learning basic target sport skills, tracking, and marksmanship. The first day campers will learn about fishing, angler ethics, safety, and fish identification. Throughout the rest of the week, campers will rise early to fish and then later during their specialty camp time they will focus hunting skills at our target sports. All campers will participate in sling shots, bb guns, and archery. Campers 12 years and older will also get a day of rifles while campers 10 and 11 years old will continue with bb guns. All fishing is catch and release. We will not be hunting any live animals as part of this program..


Theater & Drama (Ages 10-14)

2022 Program Rate: $821

Camp Session Date: July 17-22

Do you have a rising star at home or a lover of the theater!?! Theater and Drama specialty will give your camper the spotlight they’ve been looking for. This specialty camp will focus on theater skills, improvisation, and creativity. Campers will learn confidence on the stage, public speaking skills, creative thinking, and acting skills. The specialty will meet for two hours each day to practice skills, work on set design, and create a play to perform for all of camp. Campers who have any interest in theater are encouraged to sign up for this camp. We will need stage managers, set and design crew members, music crew, and of course, actors. Lights, Camera, Action!.