Preparing for Your Trip

Booking Process 

To book your group camp will need the following information.

Dates: Please send your preferred dates and a back up option. 

Type of Group: Youth, Adult, College Students, Team, Etc. 

Group Goals: A general idea of why you are planning a retreat. 

Arrival and Departure Times: This is to help with finding the right rate for your group and knowing what will be your first and last meal with us. 

Number of Guests: When you initially book this is the best guess of the number of guests you plan to have. As your booking date gets closer you'll provide the actual number of attendees. 

Call 260-351-2525 or email with these details to get your booking started. 



Groups will be sent a contract after the booking details have been finalized. The contract will include camp's booking policies and procedures along with group recommendations to ensure groups have a safe and successful trip. The contract will also contain the final rate, deposit, number of guests, and additional booking details. To secure the preferred dates, groups must sign the contract and submit their deposit. 


Action Plan 

Once the contract is signed and the deposit is collected, the group will be sent an action plan to choose the activities of their choice and share any other special needs or request. The Action Plan will be used to create the groups schedule.