What is a Retreat?

A place to refresh, inspire, renew and reconnect! 

All-inclusive Retreat Experience 

Retreats offer an opportunity to take a break from regular routines and find time for inspiration, connection, and renewal. YMCA Camp Potawotami retreats are designed according to your group's needs and wishes. We work with you to design the perfect schedule for your weekend retreat. Our caring and dedicated staff will provide leadership for our many camp activities and our 210 acres provide plenty of room for activities and exploration. Your retreat can be full of action and activities or a relaxing reflective experience. You get to decide what experience best fits the needs of your group. Join us for a weekend of memories that will last a lifetime! 

Sense of Belonging

Youth groups, school clubs, non-profits, churches, small businesses, teams and more find a sense of belonging through the shared experience of a group retreat. We can accommodate an action-packed weekend full of activities or simply provide meeting space for your group’s unique goals. YMCA Camp Potawotami is the perfect place to build a sense of belonging within your group.

Your Unique Goals 

Personal growth, adventure, disconnecting from technology or becoming a subject matter expert. Whatever your goal is, we are here to support you in this journey. Our hope is that we provide a space for your group to get inspired, reconnect and accomplish your goals!

Capacity & Lodging

We are able to host 180 guests at one time in our cabins and up to 200 on the property. Guests live in cabins that are clean and well-maintained. Cabins have built-in bunkbeds, electricity, flush toilets and showers. Everything is provided to make guests comfortable and happy in a beautiful, scenic setting. 

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Outstanding Staff

Group leaders will work with camp staff prior to arrival to perfect the schedule and final details of the trip. Once onsite, our facilitators will guide the group through their selected activities and be present to assist with needs as they arise. Our staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and here to ensure your group has an outstanding experience at camp. 

Food Service

Leave the details and extra work to us. YMCA Camp Potawotami offers delicious healthy meals as part of your retreat package. Menus are prepared in advance. Groups are welcome to coordinate any additional requests or dining needs with the Food Service Director.